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4 November 2009

After bouts of headaches, dizziness and blurred vision, Lyndsey went for a routine check up at the opticians, uncertain if they were caused by her lifestyle or otherwise. She was diagnosed with a right frontal lobe Glioma brain tumour that the consultant said had been growing slowly

24 December 2009

Lyndsey's first operation was the day before Christmas, so we celebrated on the 23rd of December, as we knew we wouldn’t be able to celebrate it on Christmas Day. The operation was a success, no other treatment was required and MRI scans were scheduled for every 3 months, though all was clear and nothing was showing on the scan. She was able to go home on the 6th of January!

5 July - 2 November

During these months, Lyndsey was determined not to be beaten, and continued living life to the max. She went on various holidays and trips with family and friends. She visited places such as Scotland, Berlin, and Ibiza. As well as going to festivals, Creamfields, Global Gathering and Warehouse Project.

24 December 2010

A year to the date of her first operation, Lyndsey received devastating news that the tumour had returned. It was in the same place but was now a malignant Grade 3 – Oglioastrocytoma.

19 January 2011

The day before her second operation, Lyndsey broke the rules and went indoor skydiving at Airkix with her sister.

20 January 2011

The surgeon removed as much as they could, but there was a tiny bit they could not reach without causing damage, so this time Lyndsey would have to endure Radiotherapy after the operation.

1 April 2011

Every day for 8 weeks, Lyndsey went for radiotherapy starting in April. Bizarrely, Lyndsey did gradually lose her hair, but only on one side of her head. She would shave it and strategically wear a bandana to hide her baldness. She dealt with it remarkably well.

7 May 2011

As a late birthday present, Lyndsey surprized her sister by taking her to see her favoured DJ at the time, at the world famous club, Sankeys in Manchester.

30 May 2011

The family had a Photo-shoot with Lyndsey, where she wore her wig for the first time in pictures. It took a long time to find the right one she liked.

19 June 2011

16 people jumped out of a plane in aid of brain tumour research, including Lyndsey's sister, cousin Jade, and friends. The skydive and parachute jump was from 14,000 feet! Lyndsey wasn’t allowed to do the jump herself, so the army arranged for her to fly in a World War 2 Auston Plane – they had also arranged for the Red Arrows to do a flyby over the plane whilst I was in the air!

30 July 2011

A trip to one of her favourite holiday destinations, Lyndsey went with her friends Katy and John to Berlin.

10 August 2011

After the riots in Manchester and the mess that was made, Lyndsey headed to the town with her face painted, bandana on, and sweeping brush to help with the Manchester Clean up.

25 September 2011

For her birthday, Lyndsey jetted off to Ibiza with friends to celebrate, afterwards she joined the family in Portugal. We met 2-year-old Guy, who also has a brain tumour. Guy also had two operations; he suffered from seizures and had trouble with his right arm and leg. They both connected instantly and wherever she went, he was there. He made Lyndsey realise how lucky she was.

24 October 2011

The family won some money for a trip to Alton Towers with friends – everyone had a fantastic day!

12 November 2011

Leigh won tickets for the London Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange, so she took Lyndsey down for a night's adventure.

7 December 2011

After the completion of her radiotherapy and scans, Lyndsey had been told that her brain tumour had gone. She was able to have a happy Christmas this year, without being in hospital.

5 April 2012

Lyndsey was rushed to hospital after headaches and nausea returned, along with vertigo and not being able to get out of bed. Scans were done as well as other tests, and she was told that the tumour had returned.

The news was not good – it had moved to the left side and was a malignant Grade 4 Glioblastoma. The surgeon explained to Lyndsey that they could not operate, as doing so would affect her quality of life. Since Radiotherapy had been close, the only option available was chemotherapy, which they felt was now her only choice. She had been told she had 3 months to 2 years to live.

25 April 2012

Twenty days later, Lyndsey started her chemotherapy, with a positive attitude and outlook to beat the tumour!

10 July 2012

Fundraising had started to be able to send Lyndsey on her dream trip to Thailand. Lyndsey and Leigh went on their first holiday together to Ibiza and she finally got to go to see Ed Vedre with her two friends and her sister. However Lyndsey couldn’t remember she had been when she returned.

18 July 2012

Family and friends took part in several fundraising events, including the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride, Black Dog Ballroom and Seventeen Stock, raising funds for Christies and for the Thailand trip.

30 July 2012

Lyndsey was given a villa for a week to be able to stay in the Cotswolds with her family.

16 - 30 August 2012

Thailand was somewhere she had wanted to go for a while after being told by a psychic that there was deep healing for her there – a past life as a solider, she had been left by the other soldiers after an injury to the head.

As much as the doctors told her that she wouldn’t come back if she went, she was determined to go, and she did. She visited many places with her close friend Stuart, and even though she was tired at times, she still had a great time and wished she didn’t have to come home.

8 September 2012

A friend of the family gave them tickets to go to the Paralympics in London! She went with Kadea, her sister and her aunt Beverly to watch the event.

1 January 2013

New Years was celebrated at the opening of her friend’s new bar, Whisky Jar in Manchester, with friends and her sister.

11 February 2013

The family enjoyed a break together in the Lake District.

25 - 27 August 2013

Lyndsey’s sister pulled out all the stops to arrange for Lyndsey to be able to go to Creamfields for her to be able to see her friends, specifically Richie Hawtin, and again experience the festival that she went to every year.

Her and her mother, ‘Daddy’ Matt and sister were given VIP treatment. Hotel, food, drink and tickets were paid for, and they were able to go anywhere on site! She met many artists, including Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, Tom Swoon, and long time friends Gareth Emery, Richie Hawtin and Laidback Luke. She watched The Prodigy live with amazement.

Not only that, Lyndsey was able to see her sister aka LilRockit DJ for the first time at the amazing event! A memory that all the family will never forget and are very grateful for.

13 September 2013

Lyndsey was rushed to hospital after falling slightly ill from a cold, as ever she was planning her escape route.

25 September 2013

Lyndsey had a whirl on her birthday! After breakfast in bed, she headed off for a day of adventures. She had always wanted to have a go on a motorbike, so she had a go on ‘Daddy’ Matts Ducati Monster! With a little stop on the 45th floor of the Beetham Tower for a chippy tea, her and Matt got all wrapped up and went off to Manchester City stadium to watch the football match.

To continue the celebrations, on the 28th a tea party was held with friends from Manchester and Cirencester gathering together for a tea party at the Raddison Edwardian – she loved her Minion birthday cake!

1 October 2013

Lyndsey, Leigh, Jade, Calum, Liz, Jo and Bev all went to Centre Parks for a week, getting up to all kinds of adventures like canoeing, bike riding, horse riding, swimming as well as having a fancy dress evening for an Italian – Lyndsey was Mario, Jo was a pizza, Liz was meatballs and spaghetti and Calum was .

Lyndsey loved whizzing around in an automatic wheelchair whilst her aunt Liz had to keep her under control from riding in to a bush!

23 October 2013

Lyndsey enjoyed a lovely meal with all of her friends at Wagamamas in Manchester.

10 November 2013

The family went ice-skating for part of Leigh’s 30th birthday.

18 November 2013

After loads of trying to get through to Heart Radio, Lyndsey's Mum managed to win tickets to be able to take them both to go and see Robbie Williams at a private event for only 200 people at Under the Bridge, which was underneath Chelsea Football Club. Lyndsey had been an avid follower of Robbie Williams since she was little.

28 November 2013

A routine scan was done to see if any change had occurred with Lyndsey's tumour, but it continued to grow.

5 December 2013

Lyndsey started going to St Annes Hospice in Little Hulton every Tuesday and Thursday for Day Care, though we used to call it the ‘Spa’ as she was able to have massages, get her hair washed and she did various activities like painting, making jewellery, and doing pottery, though her favourite was singing and dancing.

17 December 2013

Another adventure, Lyndsey went with her auntie Bev to see her sister headline in a club in their old hometown of Scunthorpe where they grew up. She loved being beside her sister and the decks and wouldn’t leave her side!

25 December 2013

Christmas was spent in Cirencester, catching up with friends and enjoying time with family.

27 December 2013

Lyndsey enjoyed a little silent disco in Cirencester with family and friends. She always had a love for music and sang each track loudly!

20 January 2014

Since Lyndsey was attending day care, the nurses noticed a rapid decline from when she first started. Her memory, reaction times and more were not so great. She started to struggle with standing alone or for long periods of time, and she was unable to climb stairs. Her body ached and often made her uncomfortable. The decision was made to have Lyndsey live in at St Annes as she’d be in more capable care.

26 February 2014

After 5 years of battling her brain tumour, Lyndsey sadly passed away in February surrounded by family and friends, at St Annes Hospice in Little Hulton. She stayed strong and brave even until the very end. She is a true inspiration to many.

13 March 2014

Lyndsey’s funeral took place at Blackley Crematorium, Manchester.

Her life was celebrated with many, and in Lyndsey fashion we had lanyards made for the order of service. Balloons were let off with wishes and love notes attached, and a DJ was booked for entertainment – We couldn’t of asked for a more suitable send off.

Purple Heart Wishes was created to become and adult wish granting charity.

25 September 2014

Some of Lyndsey’s ashes were taken to Ibiza and were scattered at her favourite place, Es Vedre.  They were also scattered via a rocket near Mambos, which lit up the sky with a heart.

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